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SimulAT - Simulate Assistive Technology

The SimulAT feature of FireEyes generates a text representation of the web page similar to how a screen reader would read the web content.

The first option under the SimluAT tab is Display. This includes a drop-down menu to select portions or elements of the page to analyze. Choices include:

The Display dropdown menu on the SimulAT tab

Selecting the Entire Document option and activating the Run button will reinterpret the document content in the same manner as JAWS would read it.

Simulating the Entire Document on the SimulAT tab

Selecting Headings and activating Run, will provide a list of all of the headings on the page. The same can be done for tables, frames, links and so on. This allows you to ensure that these elements are being rendered correctly by assistive technologies. For instance, SimulAT can be used to ensure that all graphics have alt-text and that the alt-text provided is meaningful. The Tables option will show how a table would be read, and the Area Tags option will show the alt attributes for the areas of an imagemap.

Simulating headings on the SimulAT tab

After SimulAT generates a reading for the selected tag type, you are able to select an element and:

Evaluating an individual element on the SimulAT report