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The FireEyes Settings Tab - Dynamic Analysis

Below the Analysis Scope Definitions menu is the Dynamic Analysis menu. By expanding the Dynamic Analysis menu, you can view the settings being applied to the accessibility analysis of this project by drilling down into each standard.

If the selection box next to the guideline has a checkmark in it, that means all the items in the expandable menu for that guideline have been checked off. If the box is filled with a green square, that means only some of the items in the expandable menu have been checked off.

The default settings should be sufficient for most users; however, the default analysis options can be modified either here in the Settings tab or through the WorldSpace Server. WorldSpace Sync users may find that their Project Administrator has disabled the ability to modify analysis options in FireEyes. In this case the note "read-only due to project configuration in WorldSpace Sync" will appear next to the Dynamic Analysis menu title.

Dynamic analysis menu on the FireEyes Settings tab

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