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FireEyes Help

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How to Install the FireEyes Extension

FireEyes is an easy-to-use plug-in that is fully integrated with one of the most powerful Web development tools, Firebug, which is a Firefox extension. In order to install FireEyes you must:

  1. Download and install either Firefox (for a Windows computer) or the Safari browser (for the Mac)
  2. Download and install Firebug
  3. Download and install FireEyes
  4. Enable the Java Platform in Firefox

1. To download and install Firefox:

As of October 2012, FireEyes requires Firefox version 14 or 15. Check the FireEyes FAQ page (opens in a new window) for the most current compatibility and download information.

2. To download and install Firebug:

As of October 2012, the current version of FireEyes is compatible with Firebug version 1.10.4. Check the FireEyes FAQ page (opens in a new window) for the most current compatibility and download information. Download and install the appropriate version of Firebug. Then restart Firefox.

3. To download and install the FireEyes Extension:

When you are logged into WorldSpace, activate the Download icon as shown in the following figure:

Download link for the FireEyes extension

When the following dialog appears, click "Install Now":

FireEyes plug-in installation dialog box in Firefox

Restart FireFox once installation is complete.

4. Enable the Java Platform in Firefox

Java Platform SE 5.0 (sometimes also referred to as Java 1.5.0) or higher must be installed and enabled in the browser. If Java is not enabled, or if an older version of Java is installed, then FireEyes will load but will show an error message.

Java error message in FireEyes

If you get this error message you will need to install Java and/or enable the Java Platform plug-in for Mozilla browsers in order to use FireEyes. Go to the Java test page (opens in a new window) to test whether Java is working on your computer and what version is installed. Download the current, recommended version of Java and/or use the troubleshooting steps on the page.

If the Java test webpage shows that Java SE 5.0 or above is installed, you may need to verify that it is enabled in Firefox. From the Firefox menu, select Add-ons, and select the Plugins tab. Verify that the Java Platform plugin is installed, up-to-date, and enabled.

Enabling the Java plugin in Firefox

5. Start FireEyes

Once Firefox has been restarted launch the Firebug plugin by activating the Firebug icon in the far right corner of the Firefox tool bar or by pressing the F12 key on Windows. Firebug will open on the bottom portion of your browser window, and the FireEyes tab will appear in Firebug as shown in the following figure:

The Firebug plugin interface with the FireEyes tab to the extreme left

You are now ready to start using the FireEyes extension.