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Working with Issues - Issue actions - Inspect Button

Activate the Inspect button (found in issues listed on the Current Document tab only).

Inspect button in the Current Document tab

The Inspect button opens the HTML tab in Firebug and:

  1. Highlights the node that was found to be in violation and
  2. Highlights the element in the webpage view.

Something useful to note about Firebug's HTML tab: When you hover over a piece of code, the corresponding item is highlighted in the webpage view.

HTML code view in Firebug

If you are viewing issues on the Report tab, switch to the issue listing on the Current Document tab:

  1. Activate the "LoadURL" button - the webpage for the issue will be loaded in the web browser view
  2. Select the Current Document tab
  3. Find the issue in the list

Load URL button in the Report tab

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